The company's continuing success is dependent on our ability to process materials, often at short notice, to customer's requirements. The equipment we operate is able to process to a wide range of particle sizes from coarse lump, through sieved granular sizes to coarse and fine powders.

All processing is carefully monitored by regular, in house testing to guarantee conformance to agreed specifications. Process control and QC records are maintained by a networked computer database giving excellent product traceability. Where necessary conformance to chemical specification is guaranteed by third party analysis at a N.A.M.A.S. Laboratory. We produce certificates of conformity for all despatches where requested.

In some cases processing equipment is dedicated to a particular material in order to reduce clean down time and guarantee purity



A full size weighbridge is operated on site, with computerised records kept of all receipts and despatches, stock reports are generated giving individual stock reports to customers

In order to accommodate raw and part processed materials the company maintains extensive storage facilities, for loose materials, with both covered and uncovered tipping bays. We also possess adequate warehousing for bagged raw materials and processed products.

Fine Grinding are able to accept materials loose in bulk tippers, tankers and packed in bulk bags, drums or sacks. By the same token we are able to pack processed materials in the same way.

Materials for export currently account for approximately 25 per cent of our business in terms of tonnage and are continuing to show gradual increase. The company has facilities for loading and unloading containers.



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Processing Capabilities